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Residential Services

We offer a complete range of services for the home user, covering all devices, regardless of whether it's hardware or software.  We can even fix your consoles and mobile phones too!


Fault Diagnosis & Repairs

Unfortunately things sometimes can, and do, go wrong with computers. Getting the problem fixed quickly with minimal disruption is our only objective when this happens, so you can get back to daily life as normal.

Components are sourced from a number of suppliers, so you can be sure that you're getting the best deal possible when these costs are unavoidable.


Malware & Virus Removal

The biggest threat of all to the life of your computer, viruses and assorted other malware programs can either be a small nuisance or they have the power to effectively destroy your PC.

If you suspect your computer is infected, refrain from using it and give us a call for a rapid response.


Corrupt & Deleted Data Recovery

We've all done it.. thrown something in the bin that was 'useless' then suddenly, right after the binmen have been, it becomes the most important document ever!

Thankfully, in many cases, this information can be recovered on a computer. If you've accidentally binned that vital file off your hard drive, give us a shout!


System Builds & Upgrades

If you need a new computer or just wish to upgrade the components in your existing unit, we can help. PC's are rapidly becoming the central hub of smart homes, and with streaming being the future of media broadcasting, it's more important than ever to have a computer that can keep up with the world.

Get in touch with your requirements and we will send you a free, no obligation quote in return.


Connectivity Support

Do you have problems with your broadband?
Wi-Fi letting you down at home and feel like you need a boost?

Many connectivity problems can be resolved in the home without having to make that call to your ISP to complain about the poor internet speeds.

Contact us with the details of the problem and in many cases we can have your connections up and running as they should be the very same day.


Bespoke Tuition Plans

SterlingIT takes great pride in having taught several hundreds students and customers across the years. This is something many companies either forget about, or purposefully overlook in the hope of future business.

At SterlingIT we believe in the value of development, so let us know what you would like to learn and we will create a bespoke training plan for you. 

Additional Services

Games Console Repairs

We perform repairs on all major games consoles that are out of warranty. 

Most common issues are caused by units overheating, indicated by on-screen warnings and flashing lights. Our repair service gives the console a deep clean and fixes any faulty hardware.

Mobile Device Repairs

Cracked screen? Battery dying within a day? Volume buttons stuck in place?

We can fix most* mobile devices on a very short turnaround time, dependent upon requirement of replacement parts and product. 

*Selected products cannot be repaired by 3rd parties to due access limitations without causing further damage.

Social Media Designs

The majority of digital marketing requests come from commercial customers, looking to boost their business presence, but our services are available to everyone. 

For a low cost, we can design profile pictures, banners and backgrounds for your social media accounts, allowing you to stand out from the crowds.