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Commercial Services

SterlingIT can cater for all commercial service requirements, focusing primarily on supporting SME customers. In addition to all options available to residential customers, we have a range of Digital Marketing services available to our commercial clients.


Website Design & Hosting

The basis of most business' online presence is their website. Sites can be developed from a single page up to incorporating e-commerce stores, depending on your needs.

Packages comprise of hosting, domain name and email options, with flexibility to pick and choose various options to meet your own requirements.

For websites capturing customer data, every measure is taken to ensure we are GDPR compliant.


Website Impact Analysis Reporting

If you have an existing website, sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees - that is to say it looks fantastic and functional, but there may be small issues that affect how impactful it can be, which can become an extremely expensive oversight.

SterlingIT can provide a full functionality and impact analysis report on any existing web presence, complete with a plan for remedial actions in order to increase efficiency.


Logo & Brand Design

Whether you are just starting out as a business or undergoing a change of image, we can help with your makeover.

Professional logos are designed across both digital and printable formats and sizes, so you have total flexibility over your own image. As works are commissioned for the customer, full usage and reproduction rights are given so you never need to worry about any further payments for the work we do.


Digital Marketing & Social Media

Social media campaigns are a large part of many businesses, as are the methods through which adverts are shared with your customer base.

SterlingIT can manage and maintain social media accounts, so you know you have a campaign without the stress of managing it. We also have options for designing online flyers to match your needs in order to increase engagement of your posts through the various channels.

If any of the services we have on offer are suitable for your business, or if you have any additional requests that are not specifically stated within our service options, please get in touch to discuss your requirements in greater detail.