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Identity Packages

For any new business, getting your marketing materials sorted can be daunting and costs can rapidly rise.

Our Business Identity Packages are designed with this in mind, so you don't worry about trawling the web for suppliers and designers, but so you're also comfortable knowing that everything is sorted for one low price.

Brand & Logo Package - £150

To a business, branding is everything;
If you think of a blue 'F', you automatically think Facebook, 'Golden Arches' means McDonalds and an apple with a chunk missing is... well... Apple!

With this package, you will have your branding and logo created so you have the foundations to build on for a great new business. Also, for your peace of mind, all branding is designed with our customer's input - after all, it's your company, so you feed back for us to design what you want. 

Web & Email Package - £595

We will;
- Register your new company domain name
- Design your company website*
- Host your site for the first year
- Include an SSL certificate so visitors know their data is safe
- Include one POP/IMAP email account (yourchoice@yourdomain)

*Limit of 6 pages, e-commerce or additional pages can be added as extras

Social Media Package - £300

If you don't already have a social media presence, we can set your accounts up to get you started. We cover most social media outlets, not limited to just Facebook, so we promise you get you out there in the biggest way possible.

We will brand your social media accounts to your requirements, designing all of the elements for profile images, headers and backgrounds.  

Finally, we will assign your business a social media manager, who can oversee and maintain your accounts for the first year, even acting as point of contact on each channel so you can run things with minimal input.

Stationery Package - £200

We will supply;
- 500 x Letterhead paper (120gsm)
- 500 x Business cards (400gsm)
- 500 x Compliment slips (120gsm)

Not only do we cater for your digital requirements, but our stationery package makes your 'real world' presence easy to communicate professionally.

*We outsource all printing work to high quality print suppliers. This guarantees first class stationery, but please note it can take up to 10 days for delivery.

Multiple Package Price Plans

Our most popular package combinations give you larger discounts with the more you purchase. Take a look at what we can offer below:


£ 315
  • 10% discount
  • Brand & Logo package
  • Stationery package

'Early Days'

£ 570
  • 12% discount
  • Brand & Logo package
  • Social Media package
  • Stationery package


£ 800
  • 15% discount
  • Brand & Logo package 
  • Web & Email package
  • Stationery package


£ 995
  • 20% discount
  • Brand & Logo package
  • Web & Email package
  • Social Media package
  • Stationery package

If any of the plans above don't match your specific requirements, let us know and we can tailor something to match your needs!

*For all Identity Packages, a deposit of 20% is required after initial consultation period.